If You Haven’t Moved In Over...

20, 30 or even 40 Years, You’re Thinking. 

‘Where Do I Start? There’s So Much To Do!' 

Take Comfort. We’ll get you Settled In with ease. 

First, we assess your situation. We offer a FREE onsite consultation to determine your needs. Then the real work begins. 

Moving begins with a plan. We work together with you to build a personalized transition plan to reduce the stress and anxiety of your move. 

Single Source of Contact to streamline the moving process for you and your family members.

Floor Planning is where we start to insure that your favorite items will fit in your new home. Our experience with downsizing helps us make recommendations for re-purposing a favorite item if it won’t fit in a room for its previous intended purpose. Ultimately we want you to feel at home.

Sorting and Organizing Sessions are used to help you choose the right things for your new home. During the sorting sessions we listen to your needs and assist with deciding what to keep and manage the dispersal of remaining items. 

Digital photos are used to assist with recreating the look and feel of your home as well as communicating with out of town family members who may want some of the items.

Packing occurs a day or two prior to the moving day. Our team will carefully pack your belongings for the move. High value items or other specialty items might be handled by one of our trusted third party vendors.

Move Day Supervision begins with directing the movers as to what’s being moved, as well as directing them on furniture placement in your new home.

Our Settle In Service starts upon arrival at your new home. Our team gets busy unpacking and organizing your closets and cabinets, replicating table top décor as well as picture hanging. Then we remove the boxes so that you’ll feel settled in right away. You’ll be the master of your domain within a day.

Out of town moves are no problem. As a member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers, we have colleagues across the country with whom we share moves. We use pictures and detailed communication so that we know what’s coming and how to set up the new apartment. 

We can truly have you Settle In with ease. 

Do you live out of town?

If you’re lucky, your parent knows

when it’s time to move to a smaller home or apartment and plans ahead for it.

But typically, the scenario is not that easy and changes happen quickly. Your parent…

  • Experiences a fall and learns that they are unable to live in their home.
  • Forgets that the stove was on and started a small fire, bringing to light cognitive issues previously unseen.
  • Isn’t able to maintain the home or their personal health, and…..

You, as the adult child, now find yourself in a situation of worrying about how and where your parent will live, how their health will be taken care of, how to get them moved to new living quarters and how to close out the family house.

Settle In Solutions is a senior move management company which helps families, just like yours. Our senior move management services allow you to focus on the care of your parent while we handle the details of the move. Through electronic pictures and detailed communication, we can help you and your loved no matter where you live.