Senior             Move Management

If You Haven’t Moved In Over 10 Years,
You’re Thinking... 
‘Where Do I Start? There’s So Much To Do!'
Moving begins with a plan. We offer a FREE onsite consultation to determine your needs.

Once hired as your move manager, we work together with you  to build a personalized transition plan to reduce the stress and anxiety of your move.

We start with floor planning to insure that your favorite items will fit in your new home. Our experience with downsizing helps us make recommendations for repurposing a favorite item if it won’t fit in a room for its previous intended purpose.

Sorting and organizing sessions are used to help you choose the right things for your new home. During the sorting sessions we assist with deciding what to keep and manage the dispersal of remaining items by shipping to family members, selling via consignment or estate sale or making a donation to charity. We like to say we help make the green choice in the dispersal process---either profitably green through sale or recycled green through donation.

Before we start packing, we’ll take digital photos. We use the photos to assist with recreating the look and feel of your home as well as communicating with out of town family members who may want some of the items.

Once the sorting and decision making are complete, we bring in our team to carefully pack your belongings for the move.

On move day, we manage the movers, the unloading and delivery into your new home.

Our team then gets busy with your Settle In Service. We make you the master of your domain by quickly unpacking and organizing your closets and cabinets, replicating table top décor as well as picture hanging. Then we remove the boxes so that you’ll feel settled in right away