Estate Clean Out

Perhaps It’s Time To Make The
Final Arrangements And Dissolution
Of The Family Estate.

Even if your loved one left instructions as to last wishes, the task can be daunting. There is a lot of paperwork with which to be dealt, accounts to be closed or transferred, and of course the dispersal of lifelong belongings.

Before anything leaves the property, we provide an inventory of the personal possessions. The inventory can be as simple as a photo inventory or more detailed in a spreadsheet. We find that photo inventories work well for families whose members live across the country or have obligations that preclude them from coming to the property.

As items are identified for distribution to family members, we can arrange shipment either across town or around the world.

Once all items for family members have been identified and handled, Settle In Solutions helps you make the green choice with the remaining items. Green because it might be profitable to sell some of the items or recycled via charity donations.

Depending on the items remaining, we might recommend selling some or all via consignment or estate sale. Each case is different.

While everything has some value, the best value might be via donation to charity. We work with a variety of charities and will make recommendations as to which items should go where, but we are also happy to work with your family’s favorite charity. We know that you want to know that the items go to a good and worthy cause out of respect for your loved one.

Proper disposal of household chemicals and electronics is important and is another way we help you with the green choice. We research and abide by the municipality's regulations.

In the cases there are items no one, not even charity, wants, we will arrange for trash hauling.

Finally, if the house is for sale, or has been sold, we can do a make-ready for the new buyer.

Inventory  Photos / Listing  Proper Disposal Of Hh Chemicals & Electronics  Charity Recommendation & Packing  Shipment Of Items To Family Members  Oversight Of Consignment / Estate Sale  Trash Hauling    Make Ready For New Buyer